About me

I am a Relate trained counsellor, on the Relate Practitioners Registry

I have specialised in couple counselling and relationship counselling for nearly 30 years, first with Relate and then for 15 years in my private practice in Axminster.

Following a Law Degree, an Open University English Degree and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, I trained with Relate as a specialist relationship counsellor. This was a prolonged and intensive training focussing on couples, followed by decades of couple work. Few counsellors or therapists have this level of intensive experience working with couples.

I also became a Trainer, delivered CPDs for counsellors and the public, went into prisons to deliver relationship training and held Government sponsored training for separated parents who were having problems with co-parenting.

Helping people get their relationships back on track is profoundly fulfilling and a profession which I feel privileged to belong to.

- Anne Roberts

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What I Offer And Fees

Face to Face Counselling:
My practice is in Axminster: 21 Alexandra Road, Axminster EX13 5PR
Remote Counselling:
I offer on line or telephone counselling.
Reduced fees can be negotiated for people on benefits or low incomes.

Couple Counselling

Couple counselling is where both partners come together in an agreed attempt to improve their relationship. The main issues tend to be communication, intimacy, affairs, control and parenting. During this time, they both may like an individual session

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Individual Relationship Counselling

There are times when one partner wants help with a personal issue affecting their relationship, or the other partner refuses to have counselling.

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Separation/Divorce Counselling

Sometimes relationships don’t work: one partner may be determined to leave; an affair may not have been recovered from or both people feel they want to part ways.

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Single Session Counselling

This is when a couple, or individual wants a single session only, to gain insight and help with a particular issue.

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