My Fees


Individuals:                         £50.00

Couples:                              £60.00

A reduction can be negotiated for those on low incomes or receiving benefits. Each session is 50 minutes long.  Payment is by cash or cheque during the appointment or by prior BACS payment. This also applies to remote counselling if face to face counselling is not possible.

How long does counselling last?

I am flexible in my approach to the length of time counselling takes. People’s situations are different, as are the problems being presented. Occasionally one session is enough to clarify something or decide on a course of action. Usually, counselling takes six to eight sessions although couple counselling can sometimes require fewer sessions if both parties are engaged in the counselling process.  Personal counselling may take longer if there are deep seated issues to address.

Normally counselling starts at weekly intervals until the acute stage is over. It may then change to fortnightly for a period and then monthly until completed.

Once completed, clients are welcome to return for a single session at any time if something arises that they wish to discuss.