Individual & Personal Counselling

Individual Personal Counselling

Anxiety CounsellingPersonal counselling is an opportunity to build a therapeutic relationship with your counsellor through which you can explore the intricacies of your individual circumstances which have prompted you to request counselling. There may be events or situations, either past or present which are affecting you in the present moment and hampering or distressing you in some way. You may not wish to share these things with family or friends and instead want an objective perspective from someone impartial and not involved,

which will be confidential and free from judgement or criticism. As your counsellor, I will work at all times for your personal well-being.

When is a good time to have counselling?

If you have circumstances in your life that are causing you unease or unhappiness and you want an impartial perspective on it, then counselling may be the answer. You may have discussed your situation with people in your support network – family and friends, but don’t feel you have resolved it or you don’t want to feel you are burdening them with your problems. You may also feel you can express yourself in a more honest and open way with a counsellor without feeling criticised or judged.

How will it help me?

services-8My clients often feel it is  great relief to be able talk freely and honestly about things affecting them which they have felt too uncomfortable or embarrassed to talk about, or simply haven’t trusted anyone enough to do so. They may also feel they aren’t getting the professional help they need from family and friends.

Personal counselling is a journey of exploration and insight. It is a time when you can, with my help and guidance, focus on your thoughts feelings and actions – what circumstances are affecting you in a negative way and how you respond to those. You will gain an understanding of your attitudes and belief systems and where they came from and whether they are affecting you in the present, either negatively or positively.

Counselling is a process of exploration, gaining understanding and then working to make changes which will enhance your life in a positive way.

What happens at the initial consultation?

This is when I ask questions about what has brought you for counselling. You can explain your present circumstances and I can gain some insight into what your issues are and whether I can help. If you are comfortable and feel I have a grasp of your situation, we will organise on-going counselling sessions at a time which is convenient for you.

How long will it last?

The length of individual personal counselling varies from person to person and the type and length of time you have experienced your situation. If it is a specific issue in the present which you want to gain some perspective on and can act on it quickly, then you may only need one or two sessions. If you have a more complicated situation, or are recovering from a loss or trauma, it may take much longer, as may learning the skills of self-control or assertiveness. Similarly building self-esteem or recovering from depression or anxiety may take more time. Every circumstance is different and although initially sessions will be weekly, as counselling progresses, the length of time and space between appointments can be flexible.